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Welcome. This website is here to give you a sense of who I am,

what I offer, and how we might work together.​

Please do feel free to contact me if you need any further information,

or have any further questions.

"Sessions felt safe, secure, a place for openness,

trust and expression without fear of judgement."

(Previous Client)

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Indoor Counselling

Counselling can enrich and nourish our lives. When we need to make a change, it can help to speak to someone confidentially, and who isn't personally involved.

Short-term counselling (6 weeks) can be of use if you have something particular that needs attention. Long-term counselling is more open-ended: By sharing difficult feelings, situations and experiences, we can begin to see that what may appear to be a hopeless problem can also be a message from a deeper part of ourselves. With acceptance and understanding, we can move beyond the patterns of the past, and towards a greater sense of self, which has more vitality and more joy within it.

"My period of counselling with David is recalled as hugely beneficial at a crisis point in my life. It has helped me to have confidence to gradually engage more with, and increase my enjoyment of life."

(Previous Client)

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Outdoor Counselling

We live in a world where we can feel isolated and alone, and spending time in nature can help us to reconnect. Leaving from, and returning to an agreed place, exploring the pathways and habitation of West Cornwall can be both restorative and fascinating, opening you to new possibilities in your life.

Our initial one-off, one-hour meeting would be indoors, and gives you the chance to say something about what has brought you to counselling, for us to both get a sense of each other, and to explore how we might work together outdoors.

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Online Counselling

From the comfort of your own home, online counselling provides a convenient, flexible, safe, secure and affordable alternative to traditional face-to-face therapy. Please get in touch to book an initial meeting, or if you have any further questions.

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